I woke up this afternoon and was accessing my Gmail Inbox, i was curious to find a new link (in highlighted RED letters) next to my email ID saying “New! Priority Inbox BETA”, so i decided to checkout this new feature.

Priority Inbox is a new (BETA) feature offered by Google within their email based product Gmail, once this new feature is activated,  it will find out the important mails and sort it out accordingly then put it into a new section called “Priority Inbox” which appears above your normal Inbox link in left side navigation menu

If any of your important email is left behind by the automatic detection of this new feature, then you can mark emails as important or not important manually and get it on the Priority Inbox

Google has released the new Priority Inbox feature to limited set of people and is currently in BETA mode

Also a new interactive video has also been launched by Google explaining what exactly Priority Inbox feature is all about

We hope this new feature will be rolled out to all Gmail users during next week in their inboxes

Gmail Priority Inbox (Beta) Page

More information regarding this new feature can be obtained from the official Google Blog

Official Gmail Priority Inbox Video by Google