I don’t live in Silicon Valley. I haven’t ever interviewed Groupon or AirBnb’s founder. I haven’t spoken to Vinod Khosla of Khosla ventures yet. I haven’t taken rounds of VC firms to fund my ideas yet. I don’t want to either.

Firstly, innovation has been molested. Being a part of the Tech Community, as much as I don’t want to say this I have to. The tech community has become a monster raping innovation day and night. What provoked me to write this post was my frustration over the past few years and Techmeme’s front page today.

I don’t give a f**k if Arrignton left TechCrunch or made a new VC firm. It’s complete bullshit. I can’t blame the guy hogging the limelight for this, but seriously what is wrong with the media? This shouldn’t be bothering you as much as it doesn’t bother me.

What the media is simply trying to convey is, “You know what? It’s all about grabbing some million dollars in your first few rounds of funding, having a market cap worth billions and then a massive exit.” Innovation is trampled by money, and squashed completely. The type of ecosystem we are creating now is not sustainable at all. Why is it that VC’s and brokers are credited for success while the entrepreneurs who actually spent countless hours coupled with blood sweat to make their dreams come true and skipped off and blamed for failures?

They are the one’s who deserve the respect. Money cannot overpower ideas. It never will in the real world. Factually, we’re the citizens of the fake world. Reporters writing trash about which company gets how much in series-A-round funding, annual return statements, takeovers and prediction about those undisclosed terms and bank transactions (if you know what I’m talking about) and bla bla crap.

I can’t see an ‘I’ from innovation anywhere. It is the virtue which should be awarded and rewarded. It is of prime importance. This type of media is soon going to kill innovation. Seriously, What The F**k?