, the famous file sharing website has been suspending uploader accounts massively and blocking access to flagged content temporarily by displaying the following messages (check the screenshots) on the front end to the users.

MediaFire Suspended Account Notice

From their recent actions, it seems like MediaFire must have received some sort of warning (or threat) from law enforcement agencies.

MediaFire Unexpected 369 Error

MediaFire officials might have taken such crucial steps to comply with the requests (or legal notice) served to them in order to keep their website and services alive.

MediaFire is amongst the favourite sites for downloaders and uploaders since there are no restrictions on the download or upload speed, the site allows parallel downloads, doesn’t serve any waiting time (when a file is requested for downloading) or annoying pop ups like other file sharing sites.

In January, the search term “MediaFire” “BitTorrent” “RapidShare” “Megaupload” and many other terms were blocked by Google from being displayed in the auto-complete feature as well as their instant search suggestions (due to piracy issues); MediaFire reacted against Google’s action by blocking crawlers and site referrer from Google.

Only time will tell us what would be the fate of MediaFire, will their website get seized like or will it continue operating by sharing information with the law officials and shutting down uploaders on a regular basis ?

MediaFire LLC is a registered business entity located in Texas, United States.