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Digg Rolls out Sponsored Ads : Will you like it?

Digg, one of the most Buzzing Social Bookmarking service recently Rolled out their New Advertising Model, Sponsored Diggs. It has been released to small set of users, and then slowly it will propogate into all user accounts. It’s Pretty Simple how it works. There are various ad placements where you will be viewing Stories with [&hellip

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Commenting System Disqus launches version 3

Yesterday, advanced commenting system Disqus announced the release of the Version 3 of its product. The biggest change is the separation of the Disqus system into Disqus Profiles and Disqus Comments. Disqus Profiles is intended for the people who comment on various sites using the Disqus system. Disqus Comments is intended for the publishers who [&hellip

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Twitter is Transforming into a link Sharing Tool : Digg, Stumbleupon better get ready!

I don’t know if many people know this or not but the true fact is that Twitter which was meant for Posting your personal Updates is now slowly transforming into a link house.  So here’s what i did To prove that Twitter is becoming morever becoming a link-sharing tool. What i did : 1.) I [&hellip

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