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Windows 8 welcome screen leaked : looks hot and promising

Windows 8 Welcome Screen leaked screenshot after break. How is it? (Click to enlarge) Doesn’t it resemble something? Somewhat like Windows Phone 7 Metro User Interface. Background image can obviously be customized. CTRL + ALT + DELETE seems obvious option to log in but there will be more options like clicking the image and logging in. [&hellip

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The new iPhone 4G : Dragged into the Wild, red hot from the factory

For all those people who expected about a dozen posts conveying how the latest iPhone 4G would look, guys here’s the real deal. The iPhone 4G itself and it’s very difficult to say it’s not made by the Cupertino’s notorious company because we’ve got enough evidence to turn your mind. (Thanks Gizmodo) Let’s talk about [&hellip

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Nexus One Pricing Plans, T-Mobile Contract and lot more leaked!

Gizmodo and Engadget got hands on the leaked documents which show the Google Phone’s AKA Nexus One’s landing webpages. Picture Credit : Engadget So here’s what is reveals. Nexus One will be available at a price of $530 (unlocked and unsubsidized) and at a price of $179 with a T-Mobile contract which would cost about [&hellip

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