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Piratebay UK Ban : Any publicity is good publicity

The Piratebay, the swedish torrent website known for its notoriety and “large scale breach” of copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights was to be blocked by the leading service providers from the UK, as ruled by UK’s high court. Interestingly, the ban brought PirateBay 12 Million more visitors that day. The ban was quickly followed by the [&hellip

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Mininova is killed : Traffic drops 66% after legalization

Mininova, the world’s largest torrent website on the web, recently went legal and removed millions of torrents form the website to avoid paying huge fines. Smart step but not as smart to avoid the huge traffic drop. Mininova’s traffic was 10 Million but after the changes it has dropped as low as 3 Million. Where [&hellip

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It Breaking News! Pirate Bay Sold for a Price of 7.8 Million Dollars!

Today Global Gaming Factory X AB has taken over the All-time Controversial Pirate bay for a Price of just 7.8 Million Dollars. According to me the Price is Very, verly low as compared to the actual popularity of the Site. The News has Been Confirmed at Pirate Bay and the question is, why is the [&hellip

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