I just landed on Techmeme and was greeted with tons of posts hitting rocking the headline about RockMelt, the new Social browser which opened up for Beta today.

Frankly, it really doesn’t bother me which browser I am running as long it is fast, reliable, has a good UI, bookmarks, and it doesn’t clutter the screen. RockMelt might be good with the former but with conserving your screen’s real estate, duh.

It integrates Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, YouTube, infact the whole social web especially with a large part of its attention diverted to FaceBook.

The left column of the browser is for Facebook freaks. Its got chat, sending messages and status messages. Right column for Twitter and RSS feeds which updates itself in the background. The browser is based on chromium so not much difference with icognito window and other identical features.

The search bar has been modified to pull up relevant results from relevant websites directly without actually showcasing all google results.

What I hate about it, it’s the biggest distraction. I am sure, its not going to be allowed in office. You are trying to finish preparing reports before todays presentation and then you hear a ‘pop’, Jacy wants you to join her at some ice cream parlor. Nice.

Right and Left columns are gone and take away lot of pixels on my screen. And finally, how many of you spend social networking on your computer? I think there has been a major shift to smartphones and Tablets. This really doesn’t make sense unless they come up with apps for portable devices too. This browser could be the answer to those networking freaks who spend hours on those sites but if you are a serious worker, Chrome “ki Jai ho“.