iPhone 5

All Possible Rumors for the upcoming iPhone 5, the successor to the current iPhone 4.

  1. Better Camera – iPhone 4 had a camera of 5 megapixel while iPhone 5 is expected to have about 8 megapixel camera.
  2. Home Button – Home Button is set to disappear? (What? – That means some innovation could be expected to replace it)
  3. Screen – Screen of iPhone 5 is set to have a diagonal length of 5 inches.
  4. Resolution – The wider screen means Resolution of course is better.
  5. Design – The Design is somewhat the same but the metal brush finish at the back could be replaced by glass and maybe inspired by iPad 2?
  6. Model – A white model maybe launched (Would it really make a difference?)
  7. Physical Keyboard – Physical Keyboard can be expected (99% chances are no, but you never know it’s Apple you’re dealing with!)
  8. High Storage – A 64 GB model can be introduced (Stands a higher probability because a prototype was leaked before)
  9. Video Recording – It may have a facility of HD recording.
  10. Cost Factor-A low cost model may be introduced (That’s what we’re waiting for)
  11. 3D Display – With the rise of 3D era, 3D camera’s 3D screens already on some android devices, iPhone could also get 3D
  12. Better Battery – The battery life of this phone can be long lasting (Like always).
  13. CDMA Model- It may have a CDMA facility.
  14. 2 Sim Card Slots – It may have a Dual Sim facility like many other Samsung’s (I don’t think this could rather be happening)
  15. NFC Technology – It may have Near Field Communication technology. If you don’t know what it is, head on here.
  16. A5 processor- As iPad 2 has A5 processor so iPhone 5 is most likely to have it. (Like what happened with iPad and iPhone 4)
  17. RAM – It will rock a 1GB ram, upgrading from it predecessor iPhone 4 which has 512 Mb ram.
  18. HDMI Output – New HDMI output with 1080p HD support (Which is unlikely again because of few business reasons)
  19. 4G/LTE-   iPhone 5 can be compatible with 4G/LTE technology that Verizon brought in.
  20. Enhanced Voice Control – With new IOS 5 the existing controls could be enhanced and new ones added.
  21. Availability – It can be available in June,July or September (September being more likely)
  22. iTunes Cloud – This could be launched with maybe Mobile Me revamp or something like that.
  23. Airsync – The ability to sync with iTunes without wires i.e over the air. Could use a jumble of NFC technology?
  24. Voice Recognition – It may have support for Voice Recognition technology (somewhat like that on Microsoft’s Kinect?)
  25. iOS 5 – iOS being launched with the iPhone 5 with many new features and improvements.
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Inspired by NoWhereElse.