If you are passionate about technology and you think that you have something interesting to share, you can write for us!

We’re running a revenue sharing program where every author is entitled to the revenue that his or her content generates on the blog. If you have an Adsense account, you can use it to link it to the advertisements on your post-pages. We also let you use two do-follow links which you can use to link to your own website/blog.

Just a few things to keep in mind before/after you join or submit any post-

  • Your post must be your original creation. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and you will be permanently barred from publishing any further content.
  • Before writing your post, try searching our archives for any similar articles. Your post will not be published if such a post already exists.
  • Give necessary credits to your sources. Your images, story inspiration, etc.
  • Put relevant pictures into the post. Carefully, caption them, alt text them and complete all the minute details. We all are perfectionists!
  • Check the relevant categories and tag the your posts.
  • When writing, try linking to other articles on Etiole. It helps readers develop a background on your article and increases the chances of your posts’ acceptance.
  • Complete your author profile. Fill the description, url and other details. It helps you establish a good relation with your readers.
  • Your story will not be published until it has been reviewed by the editor.
  • Advertorials, Spam, Keyword/Link Building posts don’t stand a chance, so don’t waste your time submitting such content for review.
  • Respond to comments. No one likes being ignored.
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