youtube logoRecently a survey by a company revealed that Youtube received a record-breaking 5 billion video views this July. Most of the videos watched were short videos. But Youtube further said that the users were more comfortable watching longer videos. Hulu , another video sharing site which broad casted T.V shows online only received 100 million views which is a very low amount if compared to Youtube.

Google, the company behind Youtube , was trying hard to increase the revenue generated by Youtube , as they never wanted to show ads during small videos because they were scared as this would reduce user views because if there is a 45 second video and there is a 15 second ad who will see it?

But now when there will be long videos Google is willing to put ads in it , One person from the company said that they will try to show content related advertisements so as to maintain it’s supremacy over all advertising networks.screenshot of youtube with in video overlays

One spoke person for youtube said that for short videos the company is “very much committed” to in-video overlays. The overlays resemble the banner advertisements that sometimes appear on the bottom of videos. In it’s deal with CBS , they said that the company will be selling it’s own ad inventory and the revenue will be shared between both the companies.

Shows like “Dexter,” “Beverly Hills, 90210”,“Star Trek” , “MacGyver” and “Californication,” will be available soon.