Everywhere there is a hype about a hacker , hacker and hacker, someone hacked into your mail account ,or someone hacked into your computer ,or someone cracked open your internet bank account , right?
But how is this possible? Learn it from a hacker and then prevent your self from being a victim.

Hacking A email – There a certain steps what a hacker does so that he can gain access to your email id.

1. He will get details about you , because he will want to know whose id he is hacking and will try to find you out on social networks. He will copy all your information out there and try to use “Forgot Password” Option so that he can get it opened without any hard work. If no , then there is a plan B.

2. He will First Create a clone page of the login Page , like suppose yahoo.com , he will create login form.

3 . Then he will send you a email which have a subject as “Yahoo : You Email Id is soon going to be deactivated” and then content will be complete rubbish , and will contain a link to the cloned page, like “Please Login here to make sure your account is Active”.

4. Now as soon as you click that link you are in their trap and then when you fill out the form , you are gone.

How To prevent it? Tips from a hacker –
Never respond To such Mails as they will land you up in big problems.
– No Damn Email service will ask you to login again at any cost , by sending an email to you.
– Never put the matching information which you entered in case of a lost password on social networking website.
– Always be sure , which link you are clicking , is it outside the main url , (here: mail.yahoo.com)
– Check who is sending you the email , someone link [email protected] or [email protected] or any other email id.
-Many cyber threats can be prevented with the right data and email security.
-People are hacked everyday, protect your valuable files and data with remote backup solutions.

Special thanks to the Hacker (does not want to go Public)