blogging This is quite simple. Writing Quantity is never better than writing quantity. I have seen so many bloggers who after seeing engadget (which gets like over 30 posts per day) start blogging crap just to increase the number of posts.

Even Google Says that writing Quality is way better than writing quantity because sometimes your not just writing for the search Engines but you are also writing for your Readers, those who depend on your blog for their dose of info.

Don’t worry if you post just once a week, but if that’s quality i can assure you that you will get traffic. Well Traffic is not always that matters. Sometimes you blog for yourself, to satisfy yourself. You should understand that when you blog you are blogging only what you like and not being a hypocrite.

You might be thinking that this is not true but in case of most bloggers who are not that successful as compare to those guys who earn six figure income by blogging this is the truth. Sometimes this is a state of mind where you start comparing yourself with the pro’s without even thinking about current situation of your blog and you end up being nothing.

So keep it simple. Here’s the moral – “Blog Quality not Quantity” 🙂