blog_growthI have seen many blogs and noticed that many pro-bloggers have few things that they share in common. Every blogger has his own style of writing but there is one factor which contributes to the making of a successful blogger.

Like for Say Amit Agarwal who runs Labnol, The main reason he get’s traffic is as he breaks new fast. Yes. Become the first one to post about anything on the internet. This is the first step towards success. This helps you to increase in Google’s Rankings and also you can gain user attention which is most necessary for one blogger.

Another thing i liked was the style of writing and differentiating it into points and presenting it with Vivid Graphics, Charts, Graphs and other things. Here is will refer to Problogger . His style can make uninteresting posts interesting and this is what the main concept of blogging is.

Another blogger i like is Seth Godin. His style of writing is great. Well if you see all his posts on his blog you will find that he explains every sentence beautifully and this helps in building user confidence and that is another point contributing to the success of your blog.

Also one point which is true and is a major factor is that Content. You shall have Content in Mass. I know this might not be possible for everyone but it is true. If you don’t have large collection of content it may become a problem for you as more content = being included for more keywords = more clicks = more traffic

All these terms are quite related to each other but all this won’t work until you have the X factor. Yes. It’s the X factor which separates you from the rest of people around and that should become the reason why people read your blog.