I have been blogging for about 4 years but what i found was amusing. Why do people blog out hell to try and defeat their fellow bloggers when they both can come together and achieve the same thing in less time and with less effort. Why can’t people understand this simple effort? Common guys a 13 year old has understood why can’t you???

So here’s what I am doing. I am not asking you to do anything great. Just do one thing and that’s it. You are in the Blogger’s Army.

You need to do two things to participate.

  • Link to this post with simple text – “I am a part of bloggers army” or use this image instead bloggers army .
  • Fill out this form to show you are listening.

That’s it. You are included. Soon we will pass out more information after we reach our minimum User limit. Please help spread the word – tweet , mail and blog about this. I am requesting you for your help. Thanks!