Sometimes people are so web-traffic hungry that they are ready to anything in order to increase their ranking from Search Engine. But in midst of this do they realise that they are losing  so many loyal readers?

Like for example Mr X starts blogging on His life and slowly learns about Seo and then he goes on to write crappy posts containing nothing but just unique words. Now you can understand that either he wants many people to read his crap or he wants to make money from his blog.

It’s very difficult for a blogger to do both the things together. You can understand that it is not a very easy task, to cover all the unique keywords and also not Disturb you reader. I have also noticed that people have started just writing for search engines. Now every blogger must remember that if he goes on to increase rankings and also even if they increase hey won’t have a Good Readership because as soon as someone will land on that page he will exit.

You should remember that “Humans” have made search Engines and Humans use it. A little bit of Seo here and there is Good enough. Many people Blog using interactive presentations and Google is not able to index those presentation as Good as they index your Text , but another thing you will notice is that those people actually get more traffic than people who write plain text get. So this proves what i said in the above lines.

Blogging Is taking over Newspapers and other routes of News. You need to make sure whatever you write is completely true and most of all, that it shall benefit you reader. Another tip I want to give you is that whenever you is that when you write blog posts make sure that a Newie can understand it and at the same time an Expert can’t make fun of it and tell, “He has written “BullShit”.

And the most important thing to keep in mind while blogging is that Never Blog to Make Money but to blog for what you love. If you blog to Make money then like many, it will surely negatively affect your blog readership.