Well right now i don’t think i need to introduce you to Twitter, the much talked about Micro-Blogging platform. So here are some tips to help you make so called tweets (Updates) super duper hit on twitter. Read on to make a Twhit (twitter + hit) tweet!

  1. Write acceptable content (to all communities, gender and so on)
  2. Try posting about lists as people like these too much
  3. If adding links try using reputable url shortening services so that people are more likely to click
  4. Try not to exceed your text limit over 120 to leave space for rt’s
  5. If your doing #followfriday try adding reasons as to why you should follow and not just @usernames
  6. You should start Rt’ing. If you want other people to rt please start Rt’ing other peoples tweets
  7. Try making more friends on twitter as this will help you when asking question and get attention of more people on twitter via @ replies
  8. Don’t keep on posting links over and over. People will think of you as a spammer
  9. Must use hastags as it helps to index your tweets for certain topic
  10. Reply to 50% of your @’s which you think are good. Don’t go behind replying to all or else your timeline will just consist of @’s but still theres no harm in doing it anyways 🙂
  11. Tweet at the right time. Probably you won’t be tweeting about your dog’s illness when Michael Jackson has died…
  12. Make sensible comments when commenting on other peoples tweet
  13. Try to add humor in every tweet of yours. It will help you, surely
  14. Try adding catchy headlines rather than using those old same repeated stuff to attract readers.
  15. Get a Cool Background for your Twitter Profile. 70% of the time, it does matter.
  16. Make your avatar related to things you mostly talk about, like if you’r self centered try adding your own picture! lol (Just Joking)
  17. Next come’s is the Profile. Don’t stuff it with those boring things. Add things which are Younique about you 🙂
  18. If your a Musician #musicmonday is the best day to let people around you know about the tracks you’ve created
  19. If you are a blogger never post links to your blog more than 7 times a day, or else your blog will gain a bad reputation!
  20. Once in a while try posting Funny Pics using tweetpic to your twitter account, it refreshes (F5) your followers 🙂
  21. Make your aim to make your followers ROFL, LOL, LMAO and so on.
  22. When posting quotes always make sure you add #quote tag or else people won’t be able to understand (It happens sometimes) that is it with your real life or something?
  23. Forget those advertising products for twitter which monetize your twitter account. No one on twitter wants that shit, please.
  24. Don’t ever go against what the twitter community is saying or else you’ll make a hell lot of enemies on twitter!
  25. Don’t be scared to ask help on twitter.
  26. As per the last point, always be ready to help others on twitter.
  27. Try supporting Charities online via various methods on twitter like the Twestival.
  28. Try to imagine yourself as a follower and then tweet it so that you can get a better understanding of it
  29. Be Good at Breaking the news, if you’ve done it your a hit buddy!
  30. Please, for god sake don’t criticize people on twitter, yes not even George Bush or any other company or else you might end up paying $50,000 for it!
  31. Please don’t abuse people on twitter, lol, it really sucks.
  32. Don’t even try to hit people on twitter like

    I will hit you! *puches*

  33. Try to give useful advice to users like if there’s a worm on loose on twitter try informing your followers about it
  34. When there are emergency situation please don’t add to the chaos but try to calm the situation down
  35. Control your tweet limit, dont tweet more than 7 times a day or 10 time an hour or else your tweets will cover up your followers timeline completely.
  36. Be careful regarding your privacy. Don’t give out info about what your doing every 5 minutes or it will land you into a big problem!
  37. Don’t tweet what your doing every damn second… tweet what you think others should know, is interesting.
  38. Please don’t Spam. Dont follow in large numbers as you might get your account banned!
  39. ok.. I am just reaching the end. Provide the users something they won’t get to know anywhere like if your from Mumbai tweet something what has happened in Mumbai, it will surely be loved by readers!
  40. Remember the Golden words – “Thank You”. Remember these, always!
  41. Use Emoticons like :-), 😉 :(, <3 and so on to express your feelings. It takes over more than just words!