Tweeting is also an Art, something which come’s from within! Just kidding. But yes, writing catchy headlines is an art though which you should know especially if your a blogger or a marketer.

Here are simple things which i have noticed from Pro-Tweeters!

  1. Make it As short as possible. 140 Characters is a whole lot of place to include your content so try to make sure your tweet actually doesn’t cross more than 100 Characters because if you want Rt’s make sure you leave some place for the Credit given to tweeters.
  2. Make it Simple. Instead of writing – “Apple’s iPod touch may soon have a Camera” try writing it in a interesting way like “What? Will my iPod have a Camera?”
  3. Make it a more comment-able topic for people to find a reason, as to why they should retweet and make their comment on the link heard to the rest of the world.
  4. Make it Aggressive! If it’s a posting about a certain product then try to include it’s Competitor also into the tweet as this tweet will drag attention of people interested in your product as well as in the competitors!
  5. Finally, Wait for the time. Please don’t post your tweets at such times when the rest of the world is busy sleeping. Try tweeting when most of the world’s awake to get the most attention 🙂

Please add on to these tips in the comments below!