I love Tech. I love humor. I love it even more when both are together. So here it goes, a quick 10 on the Funniest Technology Ads i have come across now! ROFL over it!

Awesome Google Maps Ad. It’s Damn Funny. Best Part : You find it yourself!


A Angry Windows guy Switching to Mac. Best Part: When the guy starts beating the CPU


Office 2010. A ad which came out recently. Best Part: WIngdings!! WIngdings? (Suggested by commentator)


Commodre 64 Ad. By the way, put your finger on your head and ask other’s are they Commodre?


Xbox (Desi Version) : It’s damn Funny. All thanks to Yuvraj Singh. Oh Bappa!


Intel Ad : Where’s that Chip? Damn Funny.


Funny MotoRockr Ad featuring Abhishek Bachchan! Nahiiii!


Mac Vs. Pc : A collection of 15 Funny Ads!


Smr : One of the most Funniest Ad’s ever. You better know when and how to use your phone!


Super Funny Atari ad for the F1 game. Must watch!