In October 2003 Android Inc. was the company founded by Andy Rubin,Rich Miner,Nick Sears and Chris White.And that was the start by which they didn’t probably think they could do big things one day,like what are they are upto now.From that very moment onwards Android Inc. have seen many momet of truth,and the most shining of them being approached by Google to get their products sold to them. Now,it does not happen everyday that you are approached by a company of the stature of Google to approach you to buy your products.Google bought Android™ Inc. and the four joined Google.Thus Google entered the wireless world.

Based on the Linux kernel and released as an Open Source platform under the Apache Licence,Android these days are attracting huge Industry backing.

Although it faces strong hindrances from the already established mobile O/S Symbian and Windows Mobile,the generous backing from Google is surely going toplay a big and significant role in the way Android gets to make itself a steady power in the ever-increasing mobile world.The toughest competition it faces is from Apple iPhone platform which,developers claim,has got both the software and hardware domains equally handful.Additionally,the large pool of independent developers that create interesting applications for the iPhone also work at its advantage.

Whereas,Windows Mobile is seemingly low on development sector these days,with no major technological update for over a year.A launch of the Windows 7 Mobile platform can make a huge difference to the scenario,though.
But according to the Technical Developers throughout the world,it’s Android which can be touted to be the long-term winner. Symbian(today’s maket leaders) is backed by Nokia only. Whereas for Android the list goes as-Sony Ericsson,Samsung,LG,Acer,ASUS,Motorola,Toshiba and even Huawei,Intel,ARM,Texas Instruments and etc.

The main advantage Android enjoys is the lesser security threats,being a Linux based platform.And the better part being any developers can work on it in their own ways to create better applications,and any handset manufacturer manufacturer can use it for use.