After Apple iphone and Google’s android,nowits turn for Dell to get their presence felt in the global market of China by going to lauch their smartphone very soon,if not sooner.And from close sources,they are going to get the launching done withing two-three days.
Now,Dell already having a good competition in the laptop market in China(with Lenovo being the chief competitor),this stunt of the company can be well seen as their measure to take the opportunity of the ever increasing mobile phone market throughout the world.

And as companies from Apple (AAPL) and RIM (RIMM) to Acer and HTC eye the Chinese market, Dell will have to manufacture well-designed competitive devices. That might be hard for the company, which has long specialized in hardware, because the strongest smartphone manufacturers combine deep knowledge in both hardware and software.

The device will supposedly be launching on ChinaMobile, the nation’s largest network server,under a new “Ophone” brand. Ophone is the way China Mobile is branding all devices running Android,and it’s expected that devices from Lenovo and HTC in near future will be handled in the same way too.All Ophones will be built with China-only 3G support,TD-SCDMA.

The Dell smartphone is rumored to be called the mini3i and is expected to be running on Andriod O/S.

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