Frankly Speaking, FaceBook inbox sucks. Well i think FaceBook had heard this from plenty of users including me 🙂 FaceBook has earlier annouced that it will release new FaceBook Inbox Feature and now it’s going live for some users!

Well in the earlier inbox one used to click on any link which would take us to a new window but now instead of this it’s overlay. They have also added the Threaded Conversations feature 🙂 so you can easily track your conversations unlike the older facebook where u would have to spend time clicking links and reaching the last reply. 

Then another addition is the Filter. Now you can easily sort out between your Read and unread messages. Well this seems like its going more towards the other biggies like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Also now what you see on the home page after logging in, the news feed the Inbox more ever seems like that!

Well, i still don’t think it’s perfect as many additions have to be made but this is one step closer to perfection!

Check out the screenshots Below [Thanks to TechCrunch]