Here’s what your going to love about Samsung. Samsung has launched it’s latest bio-phone called reclaim.

So what’s Special About it?

Well, this is a Cellphone in which 80% of it’s components are made from recycled substances. The Text + Images on the box are completely eco-friendly. They are ink used is Soya Ink. The Charger gets a very high rating from Energy Star, but thats not it but It is 12 times less than the consumption limits set by Energy Star.


  • 3G connectivity
  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • GPS
  • 2 Mp Camera
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Expandable Memory upto 32 Gb!
  • Social Media Features which include integration with Twitter and FaceBook


Device will be available in Green and Blue colors and the device originates it’s looks from Palm’s Pre.


It will be available at $50 from Sprint with a 2 year contract from 16th August. Also a small amount from the money earnt from each handset will go to the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt Program.

Thanks OnlyGizmos.