If you happen to use a blackberry and side-by-side is on twitter,and though you get the best of all the exciting stuffs going around the Technological world,you wish you could have got stuffs like the apple iphone users can access.

Twitterberry was the best alternative till date,before UberTwitter launched its Blackberry application.The application covers all the Twitter basics in your palm-top.You get to tweet(i.e. post messages),you get to check your replies,your DMs(direct messages),and more than that you can Twitter-search,use Twitpic,and will be able to RT(ReTweet) anything from your timeline.


But the best feature being UberTwitter can use GPS tracker of the phone to track the precise location of the user.And this track search one can use for tracking down other tweeps tweeting all around within 10-20 miles of the user.

You can download UberTwitter from: http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php