Have you ever wondered if you could just check out the time and along with that, You Mail, Answer Calls all in one without even putting your hand in the Pocket?

Well, times changed. Earlier we had cellphones of Sizes equal to your Umbrella. Now We have cellphones which are size of your watch i.e Watch + Cellphone!

I am a Gadget G33k, and it’s obvious that Gadgets do turn me on. This one’s what i really love. Well this gadget is Merlin’s Mobile Watch which can surely replace your cellphone. 

Here’s are the features of this Amazing Cell Phone Watch 


  • 1.55 inch TouchScreen
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Keypad + Handwriting input
  • Web Camera, Voice Dial Up, Voice Recorder
  • MP4 and MP3 player
  • Telephone directories: 500 groups of contacts, support incoming call with photo display, group ringtone
  • Messages & Multimedia messaging: support 200SMS, 100MMS

And much More!



Well The best thing about this watch, Looks! It Rocks 🙂 The Design is Just perfect. So if you want one of these Watches then it’s available at Merlin Digital at their Stores in Dubai or You can buy it online too.