Some People Feel Apple’s very good at Retail and according to some sources Microsoft feels the same too. Yesterday, Some people Contacted the Loop Regarding this Matter Confirming this news of Microsoft Going after Apple’s Employees.

Apple Store Employee

Microsoft has  got in touch with some of the Apple Store Employees and offered them, their golden pot of money which is more valuable than that of App

le’s. Along with that, in some cases Microsoft is also ready to pay them “Moving Charges” also which further heats this up.

As soon as one Apple Employee is hired, he asks others at Apple’s Key Positions in the Sales team to join in Microsofts Den for a hefty payout which is obviously more than that of Apple’s.

Microsoft’s Retail Store strategy is seeming pretty challenging to Apple. If this Goes true than maybe Apple will loose out a lot. 

Microsoft’s Retail Store’s on the New Since some time, especially when the  first ever MS Retail store designs were leaked off. As a Opponent to Apples Genius Microsoft has it’s very own Guru Bar.