PC gaming isn’t dead; it’s merely waiting for the day conditions are finally right for its return.And why don’t we keep our fingers crossed? Because PC gaming’s “return” is nigh.

Finally, someone has conducted a semi-official survey of PC gamers’ buying habits.
The result? RPS discovered that, of the 2,000 keyboard warriors interrogated, 93% have digitally purchased at least one PC game in the past 12 months, 71% bought more than four games digitally, and, through some flashy mathematics, that 47% of all PC purchases in 2008 were digital.

Assuming that RPS’ findings are more or less accurate, this means NPD’s figures would nearly need to be doubled before hitting the mark.

Now at this point,none can confer for sure about the probable and possible reasons for PC gaming to be the dying breed or whether it is really going to turn back to glory!Whether it’s the recent trend and craze for the online gaming portals(Like Zapak) or are the Game developers to be blamed for not being able to keep up to the expectations and hypes of the potential gamers across the world and not being able to keep the standard as higher as the online game portals provide,keeping in mind the graphics interfaces and the feel and look of the games.Or is it the reason that the developers are skipping the PC gaming part and are more interested and observant on console?

None can say for sure.

To quote one famous Gaming review portal:

It’s not about graphics. It’s not about movie tie-ins. It’s not about dual pistols. It’s about games that make us think, reason, interact, and use our minds. If we wanted to turn our minds off, we’d be sitting on the couch with a PS2 controller. As with movies, all other considerations are secondary to immersion. If you want to make a truckload of money, just get out of the PC entertainment market and sell to consoles exclusively. If idiotic tripe like Star Wars: Republic Commando and The Guy Game never touched the PC I’d have no beef with you, but by developing for consoles and then porting those horrid, god awful titles to the PC you consistently stifle the development of original IP, and original IP is what has made the PC game market so consistently great over the years. PC gaming is going to die, and soon, if you don’t stop this madness, and I will lay the blame squarely at your feet. The love of the PC and the desire to create original works of entertainment art is what got the PC game market going, but it’s the greedy monopolies like EA and EIDOS, whose only concerns are the almighty dollar and pandering to the lowest common denominator, that are going to tear it apart.