The title represents one of those frantic buddhist quotes that Steve Jobs believed in.

I had this strange feeling that Jobs was going to pass when he resigned from Apple. It was obvious, why would a man leave his dream job? Especially a man like Steve who always followed his heart?

This morning I woke up to find that the greatest idol of my childhood (and for many more years to come) is no more. I couldn’t help myself from getting too emotional.

Relation I (and many more like me) shared with Steve Jobs

I don’t know Jobs and not had one conversation with him. I’m not even sure if he has ever read my name. There are millions like me whom he has helped and changed while not knowing us. But we knew him. He was the great visionary who had the guts to always follow his intuition and make the Apple of his dreams. We’re connected to him through all his inventions, we’re listening to Music, Playing games, Surfing the Internet, Watching Television Shows. We’re all surrounded by Steve’s creation.

For me, one of things why Technology always enticed me was Apple. They always challenged their past to make something better. The perfectionist Jobs lead to the perfectness of the products.

What about his family?

Steve Jobs had 4 children and wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. Three Daughters (One of which is adopted) and a son.  They will be good and FYI Laurene is also a good-to-do entrepreneur.

Will Apple be the same without Jobs?

Ofcourse not. Nothing can fill the gap of a brilliant personality like Steve’s. The Optimistic attitude. The Aura. Nothing can replace it. Apple will never be like Jobs’ Apple.

Will the world be the same without Jobs?

Obviously not. His ideas changed the way we interact with Digital Media and probably shook the hell out of mobile companies. He raised the standards and ethics of business. He made the tech scenario beautiful and perfect.

Emotional Attachment..

I shared something more than just what most people do. He’s served as an inspiration for me. His presentation skills have awed me, time to time.

I started blogging and first few posts were dedicated to Apple, a company who we knew to make MP3 Players. Today, six and a half years later under the direction of Jobs, they shaped the Digital World. I’ve covered almost all product unveilings from 2005 and liveblogged many. His controversial statements, sudden replies to emails and random acts have left a mark on my mind. I can never forget him. He’s left a legacy and inspired millions of children like me to get up and follow our hearts.

How can I miss his speech? I’ve seen it 100’s of times and I request you to see it too. After 15 minutes you will know why.