Not wasting time on other stuff and getting back to the point. As the title suggests here are 10 reasons as to why people get onto internet and start a blog. There you go!

  1. They have a big fight with their School/College/Office Colleagues and the decide to take on a mission, to completely shatter, insult and kick off other persons identity (One Reason why i started blogging was to take revenge with one of my class mates. Since he had lots of hair on his body, i named my first post as “Hairy Potter” with his pictures.)
  2. They just broke up with their GirlFriend/BoyFriend and now, they think their next girlfriend could be their blog. Sounds, Weird but people do attempt such things. If you want to spot such blogs out, then you can surely make out this when the blogger is blogging about his ex’s and giving love advices for you, to now break i.e becoming the next love guru.
  3. They Think blog as a matrimonial service and try to find the “Eligible Partner” and often hide their identities under names like the “Eligible Bachelor”. Seems Weird? Check out this blog which actually does this.
  4. They bought a new product, maybe a car, gadget or anything. They bang the customer service desk but no response. Now the only method left is to hurl abuses at the company via your blog and make them understand the damn situation. (Wait, i did this sometime back too)
  5. Some People think Blogging is the shortest route to become rich online. This is lame, but i can find you 100,000’s of blogs where they just have 10 posts, or perhaps they do post frequently but by visiting their blog posts, you find more ad slots compared to actual content. Well, some people do make money online after hard work like while others don’t give a damn about the content they post!
  6. Blogging, is the fastest way to catch attention of people, and it’s greatest advantage is that its free. You pick up a noble cause and support it. Here’s a Example of this Act – FundACause.
  7. Apart from Money People do it because they think, blogging will get them Fame, name in newspaper headlines, Tv Channels :=) Well, that does happen [True in My Case :P] but only to people who are dedicated. Hoping that you add content for a month, and have super high expectations is crap, unless your a celeb, or some high dignitary (Obvious).
  8. 40% people blog for fun. Correct, and thats 40% blogs on the web are more interesting than others 🙂 Its not about just posting content, but posting things which you are interested in, your opinion, views and things which you think can make a difference.