Compare a Plasma Screen with Home Theatre System to your Computer Screen, Dull isn’t it? Obviously. But now, chuck your computer screen and get to your Television man, and enjoy Youtube Video’s in HD, Flickr and much more!

Western Digital’s WD TV does it all, and especially it’s support for HD makes it an awesome Gadget! Music, Video and Photos from everywhere go into the device and then to your television. Neat.



What i got in the Box – WD TV Live

  • WD TV Live HD Media Player (Call it WD TV, it rhymes though)
  • Charger, Remote and batteries
  • Av Output pins and Component output pins
  • Few Papers (Manuals) and a CD

Enough for me to get started! Unboxed. Now, i go on to fit this piece with my Television. I am using a LG LCD 19″. Practically, you can use any Television and for Best Results, Try it on Plasma (I tried it on a Samsung 32″ Plasma also and the output was too good!) with the Component wires for Better Quality or if you want something better than that too, get the HDMI cables for you WD Tv.

After all the work is done (Attaching the media player to your T.V and your ADSL Router’s pin to the WD TV) now you can enjoy superb quality Videos, Photos and Music on T.V!

Let’s Go one by one with the features.

  • Music – One of the best feature it provides is that you can plug in any of your external hard drives, Pen Drives, Cell Phones, and  supported music players to the box to enjoy music from all these devices. The Interface is Rock Solid and gives you an amazing experience. The Sound Quality is very good (unless the  song itself sucks). You can Share Media across your Network also, using the Network feature. Good! Also Enjoy online radio with 365 Radio and Pandora! Just click and go!
  • Video – Youtube Video on T.V is possible with this one!! Just search for the Video, and get it! DSC00158Along with that, you can have a look at the most popular videos, Latest Additions and lot more. Sign in with your account and play your playlist, Favorite Videos and lot more! You can see Videos in Excellent Quality (HD if Available too) and when your using External Drives or sharing video via network it’s just too awesome. The Control Panel is too cool to be handled!
  • Photos – I tried attaching my iPod to WD TV, unfortunately there wasn’t any Music that got recognized but all i could find was Photos. Still, that was enough for me (Looking forward for iPod Music Support in Future for the device), atleast for that day. Flickr was also enabled so, what next? Log in to your account or view other users photo’s and really, the images were damn clear. Next, i attached my Cellphone (Sony k550i) and music, Photos and Videos all got recognized so enjoyed stuff over T.V!

Check out all the images Below, from unboxing till use!