Remember the days when Internet explorer reigned supreme?When the computer was vulnerable to a zillion malwares? Then came Firefox,a swift browser which became a macrocosm of the Free Software culture and a dynamic browsing tool. Firefox gained unprecedented success on not just Windows but across all computing platforms due to its amazing speed, security and stability. Moreover the functionality of add-ons was an icing on the cake. Firefox is also the default browser for popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu,Fedora and many more and now Firefox has become the world’s most popular web browser.

A leading statistic website Statcounter has reported that Firefox has recently overtaken Internet Explorer 7 in browser market share.  This news is a delectable victory for not just the Mozilla team but also for the million and growing Free Software enthusiasts over the world. Along with Firefox, Google’s sleek new browser Google Chrome’s userbase is also growing rapidly. So if you are still stuck with IE6,7,8 what are you waiting for? Get the world’s most popular browser now!