Imagine a book you spotted in a bookstore and wanted to get more information about it instantly. Or maybe a monument you saw and you wanted to know the history behind it.”C’mon you can’t take Google with you everywhere” is what you would say. Or not if you own an Android phone. Google recently unveiled Google Goggles, a labs application for Android phones which allows users to google about a particular object by merely pointing the phone’s camera at it. This project, still in the early stages is yet another unique innovation from the Big G.


More about Goggles

The visual search application works on phones that run Android v1.6 or later. Pointing the camera at say ‘Taj Mahal’ would immediately provide related search results. On a smaller scale, pointing at a book shop’s name would search for the book shop, its address and even reviews. 

It currently won’t work on your bonsai plant or your cute dog but Google plans on improving the technology to the point where you could be able to search the plant’s name by photographing its leaf. Let’s hope Google comes out with Goggles for non-Android phones too.

Similar Technology from Nokia

A similar technology has been already developed by Nokia and is aptly titled ‘Nokia Point and Find’. It is available on select Nokia phones(N97,N95,E71 and a few more).You can download it from Point and Find’s website(see link below)


Google Goggles

Nokia Point and Find