mininova1Mininova, the world’s largest torrent website on the web, recently went legal and removed millions of torrents form the website to avoid paying huge fines.

Smart step but not as smart to avoid the huge traffic drop. Mininova’s traffic was 10 Million but after the changes it has dropped as low as 3 Million. Where did 7 Million hits go?


Downloads have also seen a 4% drop compared to the average daily downloads. It was ordered by court as per the lawsuit against Mininova by a Anti-Piracy organisation BREIN.

Practically it was impossible for the owners of the website to remove all the Illegal torrents because they were millions in numbers and so last choice they had was to remove all the torrents that were uploaded by all users than Approved ones.

So from now on users can upload content via their content distribution service and so it means, producers and artists who willingly upload their content online and distribute it online will be found on the site.

As of now i just found 603 torrents under software category, about 247 torrents in the game category, and about 5000 torrents in the music category. Earlier it had about more then 10 Million torrents. Now you know, how bad it was.

Mininova Stats - Before Legalization

Mininova Stats - Before Legalization

[Via TorrentFreak]