If you saw the unveiling of iPad, Apple’s “Magical” Tablet device one prominent thing that most of us noticed and you would have too was the presence of the Blue Lego Block of Ambiguity™ at many places when Steve Jobs showed us the Demo of Safari on the iPad.

This means that no flash support for iPad. GRR. No Flash means No FarmVille, No flash based games, No Hulu, No flash videos, No flash based applications and if research was to be believed more than 70% of webs active content is flash. No access to it on your iPad (If you ever purchase one).

Not sure about consumers but this news has made fellow workers at Adobe real angry. Lee BrimeLow is a platform evangelist for Adobe and his blog post titled, “The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience”  is a proof to it.

One his Comment replies clear out some more stuff,

@iPadFriend let me say this as clear as I can: APPLE DOES NOT WANT THE FLASH PLAYER TO PERFORM WELL. They don’t want you to go to Hulu or play Flash games because they worry that you won’t buy their apps. We have been trying to work with Apple since the iPhone came out.

Even i don’t get the idea why Apple is keeping flash out of all it’s mobile devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad. Even if they do so, they would surely get their users very happy but i know, Apple won’t do it.

If they keep going on with this, they’ve already got developers angry and soon consumers would also start feeling what all they have missed without flash. Lee, i am with you!

I don’t know how far this could be true but I think Apple could be working on a Flash like platform itself? Microsoft has silverlight and it’s only Apple who does not have it now so maybe that could be happening and that’s why they are keeping flash out for such a long time.

Thanks Engadget.