It’s been up for a while and seems like folks at TechCrunch have partially confirmed it. Facebook could be possibly working on a Web Mail like service which would replace the current messaging system on Facebook.

This would feature a [email protected] email, POP and IMAP access and would give users the feature to send non-users a message too. Facebook did revamp it’s current Facebook messaging systems adding feature to search messages and a better interface to interact with the data but that’s not enough.

We all know that, the most preferred mode of communication on the internet is Email and perhaps with Project Titan (Codename for the Facebook webmail project) they hope to replace the current mode and make facebook the central mode of all the communication.

Facebook already has about 400+ Million users and about 175+ Million users who log into the website everyday and penetration into the email market for facebook wouldn’t be much of work and in short time they would be able to capture large audience.

Your current Vanity URLs ( could be your username for the Webmail i.e [email protected] Could this be a huge challenge to other Web Mail providers? You never know! Facebook already has made a lot of “impossible’s” possible so this could be it.