So are you confused to choose the social network that suits you the best? No problem. We are here to help you. Its very difficult to select between Facebook, Twitter and Google’s latest product Buzz.

Facebook, Twitter and is chosen because they are the top 2 social networking service. Buzz is chosen because it is the latest product and people might think is this good or bad?

The other services might have been listed here. MySpace is probably on a decline. Linkedin is a business tool and the other services don’t give a global platform with all the features.

1. Facebook

This network is the best of all. Well organized and has all the features you will need. The best way is to connect to a person is just become friends. A recent survey done shows that people who use Facebook are most addicted to it.

Another interesting feature of facebook is that you have messages same like mails and direct chat with your friends. This means that you use less of your mail and more of Facebook.

And one of the important feature of FB is that it gives you an advertising platform where you can advertise your products.

The main drawback of Facebook is that the chat and messaging feature takes a lot of time to load and mostly connectivity is bad.

2. Twitter

What makes people attract towards Twitter is its simplicity. It is a place for you to microblog with just 140 characters. Its the right place for you to share your views or even earn money from tweeting.

The friendship method is not followed in this. Twitter has followers. Making friends means following people.

This platform is for sharing tweets for all people who follow you but it won’t reach to a particular person. Even if you type @….. it will mention that person but others will be able to view your tweet. It has messaging system where its up to useless. If you follow people and they follow you, you just receive junk of spams in your mail box.

But twitter to has its worth. You can promote anything you want and it wil reach audience.

3. Google Buzz

This network is too soon to be explained. This doomed into the INTERNET with a heavy promotion from Google. This one interestingly automatically comes with your Google Account. All those who you have in your contacts automatically will become your followers.

With Google promoting it, Buzz has skyrocketed. This is because it has been included in GMail. Buzz has integration with other medias like Flickr, Picasa and even the Twitter.

It has easy use and simple interface. People can just send their messages privately or even publicly. But Google Buzz is only up to Gmail. You cannot find friends and follow them if they are not on the contact list. The features are surely not like other social networking site but has some content in it.

Image Credit : Mashable