Everyone’s frowning over Apple’s decision to not add camera, multitasking etc.. to the iPad. But you know there’s one man somewhere smiling, in the dark and the reason is because everything is going just as he wished.

It’s not a joke that humans more than the capabilities look over disabilities first but finally, whatever it is they have to accept it and if you ask me, then Apple has added a lot of features to the iPad and it has focused a lot on not what is currently existing but what is going to be there with you, in your hands in the future and you will desire for it.

If we fly back to 2001, when iPod was first released people said that it was called a big fat storage device for “fat” people to store their huge libraries. The first review from Slashgear also highlighted all the negative points about the iPod which convinced people quite well. Lastly, ask me who won? Selling over 240,000,000 pieces from 2001 till last month, Apple clearly did and they know quite well that they will.

If we see Apple’s iPad is the perfect for everything it does. iPad’s large screen size made it to be called as an oversized iPod by everyone,¬†including¬†me, said that but well it did take me sometime to realize it’s potential. a 9.7 inch is capable of doing things which you did earlier on other devices too, but there is something impressive and un-noticed about it unless you actually start using it. I have often desired the iPod and iPhone screens to be larger while i was watching videos and something less heavy and more portable than my laptop and television. Here’s where the iPad steps in. Guess what else? It does nearly most of what all the devices do, sort of.

iPhone and iPod touch OS being used on iPad was lamented all over by all experts as people wanted innovation. Well, iPhone OS itself was a innovation but it’s true that it has grown 3 years old but it’s always evolving. Amidst all this, one most not forget that whenever something new enters the market, you need to teach your consumers how to use it and the iPhone was as simple, a 12 year old kid or a 70 year old man could just unlock and start using it easily and i couldn’t have imagined for anything much simpler than this for the iPad. It’s a real smart move.

Next on the track. Where’s the camera? I know if i say that not adding a camera was a brilliant move by Apple, there will be people waiting to kill me. Wait, read the rest of this. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad at the keynote he showed you a picture. He said that he wanted to introduce something, a new product line which was between the MacBook and the iPod, iPhones and not a replacement for the rest of the products. Get that right, it’s not a replacement.

That will surely answer all of your questions. Steve Jobs is a shrewd businessman. He knows what to sell, when and most importantly he knows what not to sell. Just imagine, if iPad had multitasking and a camera, people would think twice before going for a iPhone. Also the larger screen gives it a huge advantage over the iPod touch, so if it had additional features, would people buy iPod Touch’s?

If iPad had a OS somewhat similar to the MacBook’s and MAC OS X do you think the Mac sales will continue to be as they were? Obviously not. They would see some amount of sales drop and those people will be the one’s the buy iMacs.

What I have learnt from history, it shows that Apple always wants to sell most of it’s products to one customer at a time, like iPhone and Macs have real tight integration via iTunes and so does iPad. It’s like a family and without any member it cannot survive so Apple is trying to do something like that.

Apple is reknowned for the simplicity of it’s products and I have never seen any gadget made by Apple crammed with all features. The art of segregating is very well known by those at Apple and they know what is important for the product and not.

The last thing that i have always noticed is that Apple would not add anything to it’s army till it’s competitors force it to, like the Video Recording feature to the iPhone. It’s this simple game that Apple always plays and wins, either you accept it or not. Overall Apple is seriously a marketing genius!

Then there is this saying,

If your product is great, it doesn’t need to be good.