It’s been roughly three years or so since the word, Social Networking / Social Media / or whatever the newspaper journalists call it, has come into existence. ┬áMarket penetration is sky-high, social networks are cashing millions of dollars and advertising culture has been altered. This has made a huge impact on how corporate brands plan their advertising budgets. What are they all looking for?

Users. People. You.

It’s quite obvious, every bit of code written on Facebook is written with the intention of making a difference as to how you play yourself online or network or share stuff. Everything is targeted towards you. This means you are their biggest priority and you make them work. Simple isn’t it? Nah, not that it’s rocket science but lot of corporate boardroom stuff goes into setting a whole thing like this to work and keep more than 400 Million people connected. Let’s get to the point. What will all this result in? Web going social. A hell lot more. Facebook’s got plan to take over the whole web. If you thought Facebook’s got a brawl with Twitter, think again. It’s no more Facebook Vs. Twitter, it’s Facebook Vs. Google. Here are Facebook’s plan why they will make you reconsider your thought.

Facebook Connect : Facebook everywhere! isn’t just exploding over but it’s getting everywhere. Like a injection, the rest of the web is getting successive doses. About 80,000 websites use Facebook connect to import users from facebook to their service which include services like Digg and soon, Yahoo! too. This means facebook is in charge of users not only on it’s own platform but everywhere else too. Google also has something like Facebook connect but it sucks compared to the popular facebook buddy.

Hang in there Baby!

If you thought Facebook Connect was the biggest invasion into the the huge web itself then here’s some time to alter your thoughts again. Facebook has got another master plan. It’s planning to take over that little strip of real estate in your browser bottom most with a toolbar. That means Facebook everywhere, yes, everywhere!

Like This, Share That.

The “share” and “like” buttons you might be familiar with, will now be available all over the web. Yes, all across the web just like and share any webpage, link, object you like! Facebook now wants to control everything you read and share with your friends.

Geolocation Tagging

With what people do, where they do it is also important as social networks are increasingly growing location aware, especially with the entrance of augmented reality applications. Recently, Twitter added location tagging tweets too and then, there is foursquare, a whole network setup for the location purpose. Facebook will then not only control what you do and share, but also where you do it and how. Now this sounds fun!

The invasion has begun!

Note : As you see above, the invasion has already begun and facebook has started taking the first steps!