For all those people who expected about a dozen posts conveying how the latest iPhone 4G would look, guys here’s the real deal. The iPhone 4G itself and it’s very difficult to say it’s not made by the Cupertino’s notorious company because we’ve got enough evidence to turn your mind. (Thanks Gizmodo)

Let’s talk about the iPhone 4G, in depth.


The new iPhone design isn’t revolutionary or something like that, but Apple has kept it simple but it still scores as  you couldn’t have expected anymore simplicity with all sorts of complex features wrapped inside. They’ve got a front facing camera too!

The round back (which i hated) is no more. It’s all flat like a football field now. If you’ve used a iPhone you would be familiar to the globular style shaping on the edges but the new iPhone has lost it and replaced is replaced with flat lining with metallic finish.

The Back is still plastic or glass, quite obvious because they could have used aluminium but it would have costed the iPhone reception problems which is basically the priority in mobile devices though they have used it in the borders.

All buttons except the home button have now been reformed to match the borders and have turned metallic. The symbolic joint volume switches are now separate (the ought to be, it’s a selecting the correct button and pressing it).

Lastly, this iPhone completes the complete Mac Family, it suits the rest of the products by Apple especially the iPad, MacBook and the iMac. The squared of feel also makes it look more elite compared to previous versions. Overall it is a game changer indeed.


Geeks, gather round here. The new iPhone has a new standardization and is also a proof the genuinity of the the product. The components are so Apple-ish it is very difficult to deny that it could be a fake tip.

The Phone’s dimensions – 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches. The battery is larger than the 3GS battery, they managed to fit this in by minimizing the rest of the components inside. I’ll recall the mentioning the front facing camera, it’s up right next to the top speaker on the phone.

Folks over at Gizmodo claim the new iPhone to have a higher resolution than the previous generations. It uses a micro sim, yes the one that’s in iPad.

Talking about the camera, it camera’s lens is probably larger than the current iPhone and is now supported with Flash too!


That’s all what we know about the new iPhone 4G though we could not have the feel of the phone running as Giz couldn’t pass through the Connect to Itunes image as the OS for the new unreleased iPhone isn’t obviously available.

For all those still tinkering how did Gizmodo get hands on the new iPhone, here’s the story.

You are looking at Apple’s next iPhone. It was found lost in a bar in Redwood City, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. We got it. We disassembled it

It surely is a much better improved version compared to the older version, and it’s transparently visible with the classic appearance of the device.