I rarely speak up my mind or get candid on sunday evenings because of couple reasons, firstly Dad being at home. But there’s the “Internet”, I can speak s*** and if it’s too sh***y, i’ll shift it to some anonymous blog and rip of commenters who wanna’ argue and ya, Dad doesn’t check my blog.

I am kinda’ perplexed as I write this thing (Nah, its not paranoia) but its some sort of frustration oozing out of my head. I blog, tweet, facebook, watch videos, browse information, everyday. I still think something is missing everyday and that is the smell of something new. When Facebook was a cool thing 3 years back, I loved it. Now I am bugged of it.

Everything is monotonous. Interaction with people these days, seems so too. Type, Type, Type. Emotions seem dropping away from people just like tears, and yes they flow down as emoticons!

Gosh, someone save me from those acronyms. LOL at aunt dropping coffee on that hot chic, ROFL at that dude loading his pants on the annual day, Man.. I am bored of this. Does someone have something new out there or is it that I am the only one who thinks internets saturated with old ideas?

Picture Credit : Andy Piper

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