It’s not been an eon since Nintendo last claimed it’s enemy : Sony. Big N didn’t take time calling Sony a already defeated enemy after looking at sales figures which are well above it’s Microsoft and Sony Counterparts.

Major sellers, Nintendo Wii took a 21% decline in sales, and financially a drop of about Y51 Billion while maintaining it’s supremacy over other consoles. Lastly Nintendo called the iPhone OS premature for game developments, but Nintendo’s CEO himself came over to state Apple as it’s future enemy.

This is quite visible because the developers fleeing to the app store to have their own share in the gold rush. With over thousands of gaming applications, Motion Sensing and HD support make iDevices a complete blockbuster pack for family gaming. iPad crossing a million sales in meagre amount of time could have hurt Nintendo’s sentiments because, not now but in future it obviously meant the Cupertino guys were coming to raid the gamers market too!

Nintendo is looking forward to revive the “surprise” level amongst it’s products and bring back the magic. Waiting to see what they’ve got next.

[Via Engadget]