The message put up on, popular music “locker” service, sparked lot of rumors. It sinks down when this month ends, and Apple which acquired it sometime back has no plans, or maybe it does?

Why is Apple shutting it down? Rumors were floating that Apple was soon to reveal, which would take Lala’s place. Sadly thats not happening, atleast not now though Apple is looking forward to it.

For those who don’t know this already, allowed users to make shareable playlists which they could stream over multiple devices and the content could be anything they uploaded or purchased. Apple was looking to launch a web based version (cloud) for iTunes soon and Lala could possibly play a lead role in what Apple has to offer.

The Cupertino based company was in talks with Music Labels but it seems most labels did not find this a profitable venture because, if we go by the business model it allows streaming of music via multiple methods and thereby giving a multiple plays for the same single price. Either prices will have to shoot up to make the labels happy or else Apple has to revise it’s model.

No matter how bright the future might be, it surely isn’t happening soon, atleast not in June (Apple’s WWDC).