So as most of you avid Tweeters probably already noticed, Twitter has had a small breakdown. As it turns out an exploit allowing any user to force another user to follow them was found on accident when trying to follow a personal favorite on the site. One user could simply type “accept Kimkardashian” and like magic she’d be in your followers tab, without ever asking her permission.

According to different reports the man immediately started forcing famous celebrities and such to follow him, blogging about it all the way. Well, word got out and lets just say the tech department over at Twitter had an interesting day.  As of now the hack is not working, so a round of applause to the team, and a “dang it” to those of you who were hoping to have Jessica Alba follow you.  All is well in the world of Twitter, at least I know you’ll be back to sleep soundly tonight.

[Via Gizmodo]