Here we have the big daddy of em’ all, iPhone 4! By the way, we’re in India so we’re sorry if we arrived late on the scene.


The first and foremost visible change in iPhone 4, the curved back has been flattened.

The back is glass, shiny and neatly done. Top left, 5 Megapixel camera accompanied with LED Flash. The Apple logo is glittering, and so does the whole back.

Moving to the sides, a metal finish and the two volume buttons finally detach each other (unlike previous versions) and two round dot buttons on left with the silent switch. On the opposite side, its equipped with a Microsim slot which took us quite some technical skills to have the crafty sim ready and executed. Bottom side, USB port and speakers like 3GS and the top is also similar to it.

What’s new is the FaceTime Camera (the clarity is obviously less compared to the one at back) but is capable enough for a quick neat conversation. Its located near the speaker spot on top front. The screen forms the front of the box like structure and the home button is below it as usual. BTW the screen is edge to edge with the side borders.


Includes everything from iPhone 3GS and has additional stuff which we will cover now.

  • FaceTime! Video conferencing from iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation.
  • Multitasking with iOS 4 and folder creation for segregating apps.
  • Photos (with LED Flash) and HD video Recording with a gorgeous 5 Megapixel camera.
  • Speed. Obviously.
  • Battery life has improved atleast about 50% (compared to our previous usage with 3GS)
  • Free iPhone Case!

What I like

The new version is good to look at, the back looks glossy and elite. Retina Display is just awesome. It appears as a matt finish on the screen itself. Overall, iPhone’s game. The camera quality and the LED flash could alter your opinion of  “not-buying” this piece of technology.

What I hate

Personally, the design sucks. Except the glass finish at the back I prefer the earlier curved back versions. The earlier volume control buttons were better than these separate two metal blocks. Pricing is quite a bit heavy on your pockets if you don’t wish to spend about Rs 36,000+.

Thanks Krish, for helping us discover iPhone 4. You Rock!