Every year a new set of gadgets is released into the marketplace for popular mass
consumption. The most obvious new releases are upgrades to existing appliances and
accessories, but some of these new releases are truly innovative and ingenious.

IKEA has released a touchscreen device called the BERORA kit. This will allow users to type on their smartphone while wearing gloves. The kit comprises some conductive thread that communicates with the touchscreen, which means that the cold weather will never get in the way of mobile social or business interaction. This appliance has only just been released but demand is high and IKEA has just sold out of its first 12,000 BERORA kits.

After the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) release of Android 4, industry experts predict that
the ‘Jelly Bean’ is on the horizon, with Google already working on Android 5. Those who liketo keep abreast of all smartphone changes might find that they can use coupons as a methodof economically keeping up with the swift pace of technological change.

The big announcement expected from Sony in 2012 is about the PlayStation 4. Visitors to the E3 Video Game Conference are expecting to discover more about this upgrade. PlayStation has long been commended for its durability and graphics.

Portable games giant Nintendo will launch its Wii U later in 2012. The system will have an
upgraded touchscreen and a super reactive touchscreen controller that will host games andgraphics communication between the console and the controller.

Uploading and downloading computer functions will be enhanced following an announcementfrom Intel. The company is set to release the Intel Thunderbolt, which will be specificallydesigned for PCs (Mac already uses this support) and will allow users to download films etc in a matter of seconds rather than the longer timeframe that is currently on offer with a USB.

Microsoft should release Windows 8 later in the year. This upgrade will allow more tablets
to run the new Microsoft operating system (OS) and will use the Metro interface, which will
enhance ‘gesture based control’ through Kinect and take increased advantage of online cloud
storage services.

The new slim Ultrabook has recently been unveiled and its advantages include a sleek
appearance, its improved portability, and its network speed. The manufacturer Intel predicts
that there will be over 50 Ultrabooks by the end of 2012, from major manufacturers including
Samsung and from other brands. This innovation will provide healthy competition to the ever-
buoyant smartphone market.

Apple has announced that it will launch its new iPhone 5 in the summer of 2012. The new
phone will consist of a larger screen than the iPhone4, but the new phone will be slimmer
than previous models.

Amazon, the company behind Kindle ebooks, will launch its new ten-inch Kindle Fire in 2012.
The new device will have a larger screen and run on 3G technology. The Kindle Fire is
expected to be much more competitively priced than an iPad, although it won’t have a camera
or GPS.