Competition is heating up in the gaming zone. But the eternal question is, shall I go for Xbox Kinect or PS 3 Move? Both are equally appealing and offer varied games and gameplay options. So which one is actually better?

I’ve had my friend who bought PS 3 Move over Xbox Kinect. He’s got some reasons to tell you why. Here’s Nikhil, take over.

There are so many options for 3D gaming today that it has become difficult to choose what to buy. XBOX Kinect and PS3 Move are all very good but they have pros as well as cons.

Lets start with XBOX Kinect. It senses the direction in which your body moves and thus is very advanced but the single main problem with it is the absence of button(s). It brings down the agility with which you perform the moves and also brings down the variety of moves that you can perform. Moreover, it’s quite slow at recognizing your actions. You also need to be fit in order to use it as your whole body needs to be used while gaming with it. Another big problem is that you require a large drawing room, a minimum of 2-3 feet distance between you and the kinect sensor for a good gameplay experience.

Playstation Move on the other hand is much like Nintendo Wii. It is much more accurate than XBOX kinect but then the main problem with it that you can only use your hands for 3D gaming. So games like football cannot be played in 3D using a PlayStation Move but when it comes to shooting games like killzone or sports (except football), PS Move is certainly the best. The T button which is in the back of PS Move is also very useful. The buttons are in comfortable positions which make it better then Wii. There is a large variety of  games available for Move compared to Kinect. So Happy 3D Gaming with Move!

So  PS Move is what you should preferably buy as it gets the upper cut due to higher accuracy and better gameplay. What do you guys think about it?