Gianfranco Lanci

Gianfranco Lanci ( The CEO of Acer ) resigned from his post yesterday. The Board Of Acer wants it to me more like Apple than to HP. A simple reason for this was that Lanci followed a policy of increasing the volumes of Laptops so that he can provide cheaper Laptops than Dell and HP. Another reason for this could be the huge difference between Apple’s profit margin of 21.5% and Acer’s of 2.3% for the last fiscal year.

JT Wang(On the board of director) has replaced Lanci as the new CEO. Wang wants to concentrate on Tablets and Smartphones around enterprise sales. Wang clearly stated the start of new era for Acer by saying”Recently the iPad [tablet computer] and other new form factors have had a very big impact on the PC market. We have to change our business strategy.”

Let’s see whats the change in the strategy and how it works out. Apple is serving the premium market which means Acer could also be leading the same path. [Source]