Apple’s constantly lurching on the news headlines for something or the other. Yes, 9to5Mac had posted earlier about a possibility that Apple would revamp their retail stores and coming of a Apple Store 2.0. That’s what exactly happened.

Since Australia falls on the other side of the world, it got its refresh ahead of U.S launch. All the paper on the shelves is gone. All they have is their products and the iPads with a brilliantly built application exclusively for the retail stores to help customers.

It also boasts a click to call a Apple Representative button which almost immediately gets you some aid. What they did is not more important┬áthan what this could possibly mean for the retail ecosystem. Till years, they’ve been practicing the traditional methods of Come, See and Buy. Making iPads fit in somewhere sure adds interactivity and ease of use while promoting the product itself.

We will keep you updated on whether this change did really affect Apple sales or not.

Pictures : 9to5Mac