Siri was launched exclusively for the iPhone 4S but hackers have managed to get through. They have been able to port Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. This proves that the A5 processor (bundled with 4S) is not a compulsion for Siri to work. There are about 20 steps after which Steven Troughton Smith managed to get it working.

If you are wondering, “How to get Siri working on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch?” then here’s a flat answer – They’re not planning to release it to the public because it’s illegal to repack Apple’s code and distribute it. But I don’t think it will take more time for other hackers to get this working and release it once we know it’s possible. And we will update you on this as soon as it’s released. Have a look at the video after the break.