If you’ve come here reading reviews and posts deciding whether to the buy the iPhone 4S or not, get it if you are a diehard Apple fan, only and only. There are no major improvements in the 4S except the name (which reminds me of Steve Jobs so much).

I’ve got an iPhone 4 and I have no reason to upgrade to iPhone 4S because it looks just the same. Even if I would want to show off the 4S, who knows the phone I have is the new or the old one?


Major changes have been made under this section. The core processors have got a facelift and the 4S rocks a dual core A5 CPU (800 Mhz approx). This is what appears in iPad 2. Undeniably, Apple has focused its vision onto hardware now. They are eliminating hardware which is not engineered or made by Apple one by one. (FYI iPhone 1 was running on Samsung ARM 11 CPU) You know what this means, Right? The iWorld.

The new CPU wouldn’t make much impact if you’re not used to playing games which flaunt brilliant graphics or apps which require such higher processing power. Even if you don’t use such apps, this could work out well if you multitask with several apps. 4S is capable of running Siri, the digital assistant that Apple revealed only because of this dual core. As of now, we don’t think other iPhone versions are capable of running Siri due to hardware constraints.

Design Same as iPhone 4


During the Keynote, Tim Cook’s most lethal weapon indeed was the camera which turns out to be a game changer here. Compared to other smartphones, this is the most superior camera you will see. And if you didn’t know, megapixel don’t matter much in a camera quality. What matters is the sensor quality and the materials used. Apple got this right, Big time.

The sensor on the 4S is larger than the previous and has got five lens elements. It shoots at 8 Megapixels, 3264×2448 pixels with backside illuminated sensor. It’s got a larger aperture, f/2.4 and the image sensor is backside illuminated. For not so Techy people, it means that your photos will be better in low light settings.

You know what’s the biggest add on? You can shoot two pictures one after the other in about .5 seconds which no available phone allows you today. Apple’s got video right too. 1080p HD video and the clarity is as good as the photos. This could give all the camcorders a run for their money. Maybe after getting an 4S you could possibly call yourself a photographer?

Siri Assistant

If you’ve used Siri’s app, you would know that Apple’s version is just a tweaked and advanced version of the previous software. It’s more intelligent than you think. The application revolves around logic and learns from your previous commands, easily follows up conversations. We’re going to post more on this once we get a hands on.

These are the major changes on the newer version of the most selling smartphone. I would recommend you to stick to your iPhone 4 and wait for a major upgrade which will have LTE support (which means blazing fast speed) and NFC (Near Field Communication). Much to talk when iOS 5 comes out.