The Thailand floods, due to the never ending monsoons (which broke the past 50 year record) have put the Hard Drive Industry onto the edge of the cliff.

The Hard Drive manufacturers have had to absorb great damages to their supply units. Western Digital, top player of the Hard Drive industry had suspended production in its various units. Other Hard Drive companies have been indirectly affected due to a shortage of components which are built in Thailand.

It will take few months until the factories are restored to their previous production capacity. They’ve declared that the volume of production will see a fall in 2012.

“We are working with our suppliers to affect the recovery of their supply chain and to ramp existing capacity in other locations,” Timothy Leyden, Western Digital’s COO said.  All this means that you are likely to observe a lift in the Laptop and Hard Drive prices very soon. Take your cue, buy the Gigabytes and Terabytes soon.

Thanks CRN and TIMN.